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Solving SME Problems

We focus on enabling SME customers to compete by providing fully functional solutions at a realistic and affordable price point. Country specific customizations meet the requirements of each location and can be used for full regulatory compliance without the need for any stand alone applications.
Our Solutions

End to End Logistics

Freight Forwarding

End to end shipment management for an efficient and cost effective operation.


Vehicle monitoring with real time location updates and tracking.

Shipping Line

Automated shipping line operations with advanced integration capabilties.


Door to door ecommerce shipment management and tracking.


Complete container inventory management and visibility for a streamlined and efficient operation.


Inventory and storage management with advance visibility.


The system described utilizes a unified database to support various business functions across departments, promoting easy access, sharing, and communication of information. With modular and scalable software, it enhances productivity, control, and facilitates effective decision-making, fostering profitable business growth.


Port Manifest / EDI, Delivery Orders, Arrival Notices, BL / HBL, Container Deposit, TDR, Transshipment + More Features


Arrival Notices, Shipment Costing, AWB / HAWB, POD Status Updates, Tracking, Reports + More Features


Sea Freight Clearence, Air Freight Clearence, Status Updates, Customs Documentation + More Features


Package Tracking, Job Costing, Vehicle Schedule, Online Trucking Instruction, Vehicle Monitoring + More Features


Vessel Schedule, Online Booking, Container Inventory, FCL Extension, Container Monitoring + More Features


Transshipment Booking, Connection Status Updates, Transshipment History, Reports + More Features


Sales & Customers, Purchases & Suppliers, Banking & General Ledger, IOU Handling, Final Accounts + More Features


Employee Profile, Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, Staff Loans, Key Performace Indicators + More Features


Documentation, Online Booking, Inter Island Movement History, Status Updates, Job Costing + More Features


Arrival Notice, Uncollected D/O (Customer / Agent), Daily Issued D/O, T/S Connecting / Loading, Booking Confirmation + More


Profitability, Debtors / Creditors Age Analysis, Equipmment Control, DO Status, TDR, Management + More Reports


Contact Management, Sales Calls, Sales Tracking, Reminders, Marketing Management, Quotations + More Features

Numbers Never Tell A Lie

Empowering Logistics Excellence Worldwide












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What people want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Find solutions to common queries about our logistics ERP software. Streamline operations effortlessly with our platform.

Our logistics ERP software is highly customizable to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. Whether you operate in freight forwarding, liner or any other sector of the logistics industry, our solution can be tailored to match your workflows, processes, and business rules. From customizing workflows and user interfaces to integrating with third-party systems and adding new features, we ensure that our software aligns perfectly with your business needs.

We provide comprehensive support and training services to ensure a smooth implementation and optimal utilization of our logistics ERP system. Our team of experts will work closely with you from the initial setup through to post-implementation support, offering guidance, training sessions, and ongoing assistance as needed. Whether it is on-site training for your staff, troubleshooting technical issues, or providing software updates and enhancements, we are committed to helping you maximize the benefits of our solution.

Our logistics ERP system offers a range of key features designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations within the logistics industry. These features include advanced order real-time inventory tracking, seamless integration with supplier and partner networks, robust analytics and reporting tools, and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging these features, you can optimize resource utilization, reduce lead times, minimize errors, enhance visibility across the supply chain and ultimately deliver better service to your customers.


NBQSA Gold Award

The Gensoft Logistics ERP has been the recipient of the Gold award under the E-Logistics and Supply Chain Management category in 2015 and the Gold award under the Supply Chain Logistics category in 2022 at the National Best Quality Software Awards. In addition, the software has received numerous accolades and recognition for the services rendered to improve and develop the Logistics industry.


What Our Customers Say

Explore testimonials from satisfied clients. See how our logistics ERP software transformed their businesses.

Prasanna Liyanage

Sea Trade - IT Manager

Choosing Gensoft was one of the best strategic decisions we have made. As a result, we no longer have server maintenance costs, enjoy 24/7 customer support, implemented work-from-home concept due to cloud existence, have a properly centralized database with cybersecurity measures, accurate user access rights, a quick user support mechanism, minimal downtime and many more benefits. Now, Gensoft's ERP system has become an essential tool for our industry.

Ana Senanayake

Lanka Shipping - Managing Director

Our company has been involved with the Gensoft Logistics ERP from the beginning. The team has been very flexible in accommodating our various requests. Gensoft is now the leading Logistics ERP system in Sri Lanka and we are happy to see their growth.

Amitha Gajanayake

DP Logistics - Head of IT

Our company has been using the Gensoft Logistics ERP since 2018. We are really enjoying the features and functionality of the software. The customer service team is very friendly and fast when accommodating our support queries and come back with rapid solutions. It has also been a major factor in the improvement of our freight operations as well. Wishing them all the best in their future endeavors.


Sea Care Forwarders (PVT) LTD - Managing Director

From the day we commenced using the Gensoft Logistics ERP the system has enabled us to improve our service levels and minimize the operational errors. We are extremely happy that we selected Gensoft as our software provider.

Nagaraj C

Managing Director - Cargo Consol India (Pvt) Ltd

We are extremely satisfied with the Gensoft Logistics ERP and have found the system to be very robust and user friendly with all the features needed to successfully run a freight forwarding business in India.

Niranja De Silva

CL Synergy (PVT) Ltd - Senior Manager ICT

The Gensoft ERP has been supporting the CLS Group for the past 7+ years and is a very reliable solution, complementing our core values and helping us maintain our SLAs. The skill and vast domain knowledge of their team ensures reliable and trustworthy service at all times. Dealing with a competent outfit at Gensoft makes the communication process very easy and productive. I would definitely recommend them to any organization who takes their ERP seriously.

M D J Stembo

M&M Militzer & Muench (Pvt) Ltd - Managing Director

The Gensoft ERP system is an integrated system which has all the features needed for the operations of a Freight Forwarding company. This system is also designed to report Manifest and release documents such as Delivery Order, Bill of Lading, etc in the system itself. As Gensoft covers all the functions of an organization there is no necessity to obtain different systems and this saves cost.

Kalinga Seneviratne

Delshipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd - General Manager

The Gensoft Logistics ERP is a very user friendly system and it is one of the best systems in the market. The system has given us a tremendous boost in terms of time savings by bringing in a lot of process improvements.

DWW Logistics (Pvt) Ltd - Saman Jayawickrama

Director Finance

Gensoft has been revolutionizing the Logistics Industry with the Gensoft Logistics ERP by giving business a competitive edge. The accuracy, user friendliness, support and swiftly adapting to industry changes gives users the utmost benefit. Creativity, innovation, and integration are a hallmark of the system. I highly recommend the Gensoft Logistics ERP System for Logistics companies..

Kashif Zaman

CEO and Managing Director - EQ Lines Group

Gensoft Logistics ERP has transformed our company, empowering us to handle complex logistics operations with ease. With Gensoft ERP, we have achieved unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, reduced errors and optimized our resource utilization. Their exceptional support team has been instrumental in tailoring the software to our unique needs. Choosing Gensoft ERP was the best decision we made for our freight forwarding business.