Our Solutions

We provide a wide range of solutions that meet your diverse needs

Freight Forwarding Software

Gesnoft Freight Forwarding Software aids logistics companies in streamlining their operations. Specifically designed for both SMEs and large enterprises, our software ensures seamless freight management through its modular approach optimizing efficiency and enhancing productivity across the board.

Liner & NVOCC Software

The Gensoft Liner, NVOCC, and Feeder system offers a comprehensive, end to end solution tailored for local agents managing multiple principals. This optimized system facilitates the efficient handling of large volumes streamlining operations through automation and enhanced processes. It effectively redefines time consuming industry practices significantly saving valuable time.

Document Managment System

The Gensoft Document Management System is the ultimate digital repository for all your documents, eliminating the need for hard copies. Tailored to streamline documentation for logistics companies, it ensures ease of operations, remote accessibility, revolutionizing workflow management with unparalleled efficiency.

Customer Portal & Tracking

Gensoft customer portal will enable you to extend the ERP functionality and increase visibility to your customers. This portal will enable your customers to check on status updates, create bookings, monitor quotations and invoices, get payment history and outstanding balances etc

Web Development Services

Gensoft Web Development Services assist logistics companies in setting up their websites, targeting both existing and new customers. Our service focuses on designing websites aligned with your branding, ensuring a professional online presence that resonates with your audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Gensoftcomprehensive social media services “Gensoft Digital” specifically designed for logistics companies. With over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in the logistics technology industry, we bring a deep understanding of your business coupled with cutting-edge social media strategies to help you navigate the digital landscape and maximize your online presence.